Hello World!

I am a mathemagician who has been catapulted into the land of software development, and I’m now realising that this may actually be my true calling.

I graduated with an MSci in Mathematics from Imperial College London in June 2012, and was fortunate enough to land a graduate job in IT Business Intelligence, working in an Oracle Data Warehousing team. Having learnt all there was to know about databases (OK, not really, just wanted a change), I moved into a Java development team, and am now trying to become a Java girl wonder! I’ve got practically zero experience in the area, so I will be learning pretty much from scratch… wish me luck :/

I have been overwhelmed with the support and help I have received from colleagues at work. They have been taking time out of their busy days to explain concepts to me and help me get up to speed, or pairing with me and (as tempting as I’m sure it is) NOT just “giving me the answer”. Special shout outs to Pete, Danya, Joe, Nas, Jon and Nick – your patience with me has not gone unnoticed :).

I started this blog mainly for selfish reasons – writing about concepts immediately makes it obvious how well I understood them, and I intend to use this as a reference point to look back on. However, if this can help someone else as well, then that’s an added bonus!

I will be attempting to keep this blog up to date with the new concepts I cover as I go. I hope this appeals to people in a similar position to me – it’s comforting to know that you’re not alone on the journey so please comment with your thoughts and we can help each other become superdevs! For those with more experience, if you notice that I’ve not explained a concept clearly/properly/correctly please feel free to leave comments explaining things in a clearer way.

So stay tuned, and join me in my journey to geekdom!

Twitter: @fdayamani


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